Monday, February 20, 2006

MPH rumors that Ranger gone after 2008!! WTF??

Is the Ranger set to give up the ghost? Dave from MPH Magazine online, pointed out a new Rumor in their online content, and I had an Anonymous commentor over the weekend saying the same thing.
Compact trucks in the US have grown to midsize except the Ford Ranger/Mazda B series twins. The basic truck getting no more than cosmetic upgrades for about a decade. The Ranger that was for 15 or more years the best selling compact pickup in the US, is now declining in sales and growing stale.
Weeks ago, Ford press releases anounced the introduction of this compact pickup in Thailand. And I assumed that it would be the replacement for the Ranger (which it may be.) But if it is, it looks like it won't be built in the US, but instead in Thailand. Taking advantage of cheaper labor rates, and the new trade agreement with that country that will eliminate tarrifs on trucks imported from there.
Here are past posts on the subject;

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I'm interested to see where this situation goes. If we get a new Ranger, will it be imported from Thailand? If so, will others follow the lead?


Anonymous said...

There will be a Ranger, don't worry, but it may not be based on the current (ancient) P150 platform.

There will probalby be a "global" truck platform, a shared design with Mazda/Ford Asia, which will be built for US, South America, Asia markets.

Big Ford Fan said...

I'm sure there will be a Ranger on the market, it will just be imported. I'm in a wait and see situation on this, with what I now know, maybe I'll buy a Tacoma next time out.

Anonymous said...

The Ranger XLT ( Europe and RestofWorld ):