Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2 new Escapes? One for the US and one for the rest of the world?

I was checking AutoBlog and they have an article and link about the Car Conection and spyphotos of the new 2007 Ford Escape. You will see below, the new Escape that was just rolled out in Australia, the new Ford grille and headlights and what I consider minor changes. I hadn't commented on it, because I saw it as just a refreshening of the Escape and not really that interesting. Don't get me wrong, I like the Escape/Tribute twins, they're fine vehicles. But what I find interesting about AutoBlog's article is the speculation that the new North American Escape/Tribute model will not be based on what they refer to as the AU Escape.

Click the link to see the full articles at AutoBlog and TheCarConection.

If as they say Ford is splitting the platform into two different models, my concern is why? What makes it necessary? Why couldn't the same model sell worldwide, like it has for years? Is the North American model going to bloat like a dead whale? I can see that the spy photos show different headlights, but they're not enough for me to agree with the speculation.

I am constantly confused as to why Ford feels the need to make these kind of moves. It reminds me of North America getting a "freshened" last generation Focus, while everywhere else gets the new "Euro" Focus.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the new US Escape will be stretched, but only slightly... after all, the competition has been bloating as well "the New Bigger Rav4" comes to mind.

I believe the differences are minor.. I hope, becayseI really like the Aussie version of the new Tribute...
Especially the interior