Monday, February 13, 2006

Ford IQ test part I

Ford Anglia from UK
Here's a wild thought, how many people that consider themselves Ford fanatics, because they know all about Mustangs, do you think can name all the cars here? I mean if you're a Ford fanatic, you love all Fords, right? So I'll ask any reader who cares to take the challenge, to name the car and the country of origin, they're all Fords from the last half of the 20th century and many of them were imported to the US, but not all. Update: it seems that this is less a Ford IQ test for readers, than a bloggers IQ test for me, and I failed. Apparently if you run your cursor over the photo, it reveals the file name, which in most cases gives you the answers. So next time, I'll rename the file names before posting. But since this is just for fun anyway, I'll leave it up.

Ford Consul Capri UK

How about this one? Looks sort of like the Batmobile with those sideways fins.

Ford Vedette from France

Now these two should be easy. Both stunning examples of Dearborns post war design potential.

Ford Vedette from France

Almost looks like a 50 Mercury, doesn't it?

Ford Cosworth RS500 Siera UK

Ford Puma Europe

Ford Lotus Cortina UK

Ford Cortina GT UK

Ford Merkur XR4Ti Imported from Germany to US


the garage guy said...

i knew 6 of 9, but you made it too easy! you might want to go back & report the pics with different titles.

Big Ford Fan said...

Gary, that's not bad, they're not all that easy. To tell you the truth, I only learned of the French Fords in 2005, and I've made a hobby of knowing foreign Fords since high school.