Friday, February 17, 2006

The Truth About Cars, pleads their case to auto makers, new link to sidebar.

There's a site, that many of you probably already know about called The Truth About Cars. I haven't linked to them in the past, simply because it wasn't really Ford related, and since the GM deathwatch is in week ?? it didn't seem relevant to me. But recently I've been reading the page, and about Bob Farago all over and today I read this article where they plead their case to the automakers, as to why they should have access to test vehicles from the fleet that mainstream media get to test.

I did not know that The Truth About Cars, is not a commercial site, they take no advertising. So they are beholden to nobody, and since auto journalists are often criticized as being in the pocket of the manufacturers, this impresses me. So click the link and read Bob's latest, and if it's not already part of your reading schedule, maybe it should be. It's going to be on my regular rotation from now on.

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