Tuesday, February 28, 2006


AutoBlog has a piece on some German journalists that got to drive the Mazda Kabura concept. This is a car that I had no faith in going to production, but now from everything I'm reading online, it's closer to reality than I could have dreamed. Sized between the MX5(Miata) and RX8, it's rear wheel drive and aside from it's 3+1 seating is a great prospect for a new sports car.
Now only if someone at Ford has the stones to bring the Reflex to life!


Shawn said...

I think Reflex would make a great pair with GR-1 concept. They have similiar looks... (I know, GR-1 is dead). Imagine a high performance big brother of a sub-$30K car.

Anonymous said...

I want a Kabura , And I want it with 250HP or better, although the RX8 is a great car , Mazda has not had a proper Sports Coupe since the last gen RX7.

I always wanted the Miata coupe concepts that were shown in 2000 and 2001 show circut, it always seemed a no brainer , yet was never produced. Give me a 2dr seat rear wheel zoom machine.