Monday, February 06, 2006

Robert Farago, mournes loss of Ford GT

Robert Farago, of "GM Deathwatch" fame, is mourning the passing of the Ford GT supercar. I found this link over at the CarPundit's site. Not that I don't like TheTruthAboutCars site, but since it's rarely Ford related, it's not on my daily check list.

Now I had always read that the GT was only going to be sold for a few years, so it did not surprise me that it was being discontinued. Also the fact that on my best day, short of winning the lottery, I could never afford one, means that I will miss the idea of a GT, I'm not all broken up over it. Now, if Ford was going to discontinue the Mustang, then I'd be crying a river. I'm not thrilled about the SVT Adrenaline being shelved, nor about the EcoSport's future being uncertain. There are developments that don't make me happy, but I'm in a holding position, waiting to see where the "Way Forward" will take us.

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