Thursday, February 09, 2006

Virus and Spyware and Splogs Oh MY!! and other rants

My recent sideroad trip with the Splog experience, taught me a lesson. I discovered Spyware and Viruses on my computer, I believe as a result of visiting those sites. Luckily I was able to remove the Spybots and Trojans from my computers by running my anti-spyware and anti-virus programs several times. So it's back to reality and time to catch up on what's going on in the world of Cars.
I have seen over at Jalopnik and Brad Barnett's (both linked on left) that photos of the much anticipated California Special Mustang GT are out. I didn't want to use the same photo as everyone else, so I found this picture of a classice CS/GT at . Now while the California Special is getting the attention, I don't expect anything but stripes and maybe a hood scoop to differentiate it from standard GTs, what's going on with the Mach 1? The AutoProphet had posted something last fall, about seeing a test mule on the road around Detroit. Will the Mach 1 be like the Bullit, with more power? How about a Bullit version in the dark green with argent colored wheels?
Ford has anounced that the Fairlane concept will be be a go for 2008, really not a surprise or very exciting. It's going to take the place of the pathetic Freestar/Monterey mini van. Maybe the new model will draw buyers in that have been avoiding the Ford mini van offerings recently.
Now just a couple of quick rants. Here is the Iosis concept, the shape of Fords to come in the future for Europe. This should be the new look of Mercury, smooth sleek, looking fast standing still. But Ford North Amercia with the "Dave" look thinks that we Americans can't appreciate this type of inovative styling. Do you agree? I personally think that by coming to market with the Iosis, Ford could make waves like they did in 85 with the Taurus. Do you remember how ground breaking that was? Can't Ford see that being safe is what's hurting them?
Take a risk, bring out the Iosis and of course the Reflex. The way to profit is by being bold, not just slashing costs and playing safe.
And what the hell, I just posted this photo of the Fortynine concept, because I love it. I know there's no place in the market for it. But wouldn't it be cool if someone at Ford had the stones to actually build it? Think of it as a $40k niche car, based on T-Bird/Lincoln LS with the Jag's supercharged V8. I don't know if it would make a profit, but it would be cool.


Dotty Gale said...

Your post reminded me of a photo I was sent last weekend.

Big Ford Fan said...

Hey I actually like the looks of that! But where did it come from?