Thursday, February 23, 2006

Reader submitted link to MotorTrend rumor on Crown Victoria

An Anonymous reader, left this link in a comment (that was not allowed, because it was Anonymous) and it's from MotorTrend, concerning a rumor that the Ford Crown Victoria will be replaced in 2008 by the redesigned Australian Ford Falcon. I hope and pray that this rumor has merrit, but I've got no confidence in MotorTrend magazine, especially their "FutureForecast" section. It's a one line entry and I've noticed it before. I think they just throw them up there and don't update them.
The Panther platform, which underpins the Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis/Town Car, has been around since 1979 with only minor changes. It's also been under fire in the press, because of some tragic fires involving Police Cruisers that have been hit by high speed cars. Sales have slumped also for these triplets, because they have not been updated in years. I had a 1992 Crown Victoria, and it was one of my favorite cars ever. With the 4.6 modular V8 and 4spd overdrive auto trans I acheived 25 mpg on the highway and about 15 mpg in a suburban loop, beating my V6 Ranger's 13/20 mpg. But in today's market you don't let your flagship models just stagnate.
I've said too many times to count that a new Panther replacement based on the Australian Falcon/Fairmont/LTD would be the answer, with it's IRS giving it modern road manners.
But I just don't have the faith in MotorTrend. Now if MPH had this rumor on their site, that would be something. Dave keeps on top of his site, and updates it daily, so I have a better feeling about the information I get over there. It doesn't hurt that Dave's one hell of car guy.

So, just a reminder, Anonymous posts will not be posted. I've made some allowances recently, but that's not the trend. Just sign off any comment with initials or a nickname, no need to register.


Anonymous said...

lets hope they make it, maybe w/ styling of the iosis concept? They should also bring the falcon over as the replacement for the next fusion--rwd, irs, 6 cylinder turbo sixes, and v8s, def, can compete w/ chrysler, and be a hell of alot better looking


Big Ford Fan said...

From your lips to God's ears. Ford needs a new Crown Vic like this in a bad way. And the MKS is no Town Car.