Monday, February 13, 2006

Ford IQ test part III

Ford Falcon Cobra Australia
Now all of these have appeared on my blog before, so if you want you can look them up that way, but real Ford fanatics should be able to get at least 75% of these without any problem.

Ford Falcon GT HO Australia

Ford Festiva SHOGun US specialty, not built by Ford

I've jumped from era to era and continent to continent, but with the exception of this one, all are production Ford cars. And since this one was sold only in the US, it should be easy.

Ford Limousine from Brazil

Ford EcoSport from Brazil

Ford Falcon Argentina

These are rare even in their own country, Ford Maverick Station wagons from Brazil

Ford Ka UK and Europe

Good luck, all the answers will be posted on Friday. Well, since the answers are visible when you roll the cursor over the pics, I will post them now. Thanks for the heads up Eric.


Ben K said...

We got the Ka here in Oz, too. Not a bad little runabout but gutless as they ran a very old-fashioned pushrod 1.3L engine. The probably spent all the budget on the exterior and had to go into the parts bin for the engine. Someone told me that it was related to the engine from the 1970s British-market Escorts.

Big Ford Fan said...

Interesting info Ben, thanks. I only know what I can read online or get from BBC shows like Top Gear or Fifth Gear. I know they utilize a 1.4 or 1.6 petrol or Diesel now. I'm sure the Ka will be phased out soon, it's been on the market for a while with very little styling changes. But maybe this type of niche vehicle can survive that. I know that it's unlikely to ever come to the US.