Monday, February 06, 2006 a Fraud and Thief

I had suspected as much, but Dori of If It's Got an Engine and Marc a commentor at AutoBloggers and Racedriven have both done a little digging and found that Andy of the is just running what is called a "splog" Clarification, it is MY opinion that Andy is a thief. These are not the words of Marc or Dori. I did not intend to mislead anyone to think that. Marc has just educated us as to what a SPLOG is.

New term for me, you learn something new everyday. See my previous post on this here;


Racedriven said...

Hi Big Ford Fan,

I have some more information on Andy who owns the automobilist, from what I have googled or so, the info from the registrar you posted is incomplete, go to and do a whois and you will see Andy's full name, and etc., also he owns 2 others site too.

I have posted just about everything and a little more on, check it our, what a list.


Big Ford Fan said...

It seems that everyone is getting wise to this jokers game. Now for something to be down about it.

What kills me, is that he doesn't even moderate what's posted. This post calling him a thief and fraud appeared on his site within the hour.

Marc said...

First of all you need to reread my comment at AutoBloggers. You will find no instence where I called anyone at Automobilist a "thief," and I resent the fact you chose to twist my words to suit your agenda.

I in no way defend wht The automobilist is doing, but facts are facts he/she/it is well within the guidlines of Fair Use policy.

For an example of someone far outside the guidlines check Race Driven's last post and the comment I left there.