Monday, February 27, 2006

The AutoProphet weighs in on E85 and I was amused to see who commented on his post.

I know, you're thinking enough with the Ethanol and Bio Fuel alread. But it's an interesting subject and one I feel that Ford has so many options available. But actually I was reading the AutoProphet's blog today, and it looks like we were both tapping the keyboards at the same time Sunday, about similar subjects, Ethanol!! So click on over and read what an industry insider and Engineer has to say on the subject. AutoProphet points to how this is an issue that has created unusal alliances, such as Environmentalists, Conservatives and Big Business. But one thing that really amused me was who the first commentor on the post was; Commentor over at AutoProphet


American Lung Association of Minnesota said...

Yeah, it's a strange world, ain't it? The American Lung Association of Minnesota (actually the whole upper Midwest) agreeing with a Detroit automaker!

Seriously, this E85 fuel is a better deal for our outdoor air. We have been supporting this in Minnesota for more than a decade.

Big Ford Fan said...

It's amazing that something like this could bring such diverse groups together, environmentalist, health concerns, automotive industry, auto enthusiasts, and conservatives and liberals all see this as a great idea. Something this poplular can't be left to waste. It's time for a big push. We can't let it slip through our grasp like it has before.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I was amazed when I read that Henry Ford saw this coming in 1916, 90 years ago!!

Building E85 cars isn't enough, we need to build the infrastructure for production and distribution as quickly as possible.

American Lung Association of Minnesota said...

Amen, brother!