Saturday, February 18, 2006

Go Bob go!! Farago on Ford over at TTC

Again Robert Farago, over at TheTruthAboutCars website, talks about the situaiton at Ford and the demise of the GT. At least it's not a "Deathwatch" and I agree with much of what he says.
Rightfully so, he says that the GT Supercar was not the correct fit for Ford. I partially agree, although I loved seeing it make it to production, it was never meant to be permanent, and it did little toward the bottom line. I'm happy to see that Mr Farago likes the Reflex, but was surprised that he supported the Diesel/Hybrid powertrain. I can see his point, but still think that if it makes production, a petrol 1.4 motor is more likely. But if it could have a Diesel/Hybrid and a manual transmission, I may consider it. It would give Ford major bragging rights with it's 65 mpg.

Click on over and read what he has to say, some of it will be familiar, as I've said it. But I'm not delusional to believe he reads my blog, it's just a matter of great minds think alike. Now you'll have to excuse me, I have to let some of the hot air out of my swollen cranium.

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