Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Edsel Ford II's Capri RS2600

When your family owns the company, it's easier to import a car we don't get here. Pictured is a Ford Capri RS2600, that Henry Ford II had brought up to EPA&DOT specs for his son Edsel Ford II in the 70's. Follow the link for the background and more pics.

Reminds me of a line from a Mel Brooks film "it's good to be the King!" Well in this case, a prince in the American Royal Family of the Auto Industry.

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jwfisher said...

Great post! I'm a big fan of the original German Capris... I had one and liked it at the time (it would be horribly date dnow, but the concept of a Capri would be great IF Ford did it right - for a change).

The RS2600 wasn't the ultimate Capri of it's age... the car was availabel with a very limited production larger V-6 with specially built DOHC heads.

Edsel was also an autocrosser while in graduate school. He drove a Cougar, 69 or 70 (I used to have a '70 XR-7 myself).

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