Thursday, February 09, 2006

Get well Bob and family (Editorial staff) over at CarsCarsCars!!

One of my daily reads is CarsCarsCars! (link on sidebar) run by Bob S and his "Editorial Staff." Well Bob and crew (wife and 2 children) have been laid low by the Flu, so here's hoping a speedy recovery to them all. Bob has been one of the most creative writers that I've run into since I started blogging, and I just hope his wife never reads his blog, and discovers his infatuation with Claire or some of the other beauties that he longs for. While not specifically a Ford guy, Bob is a car guy with a uniquely New York point of veiw, and very funny as well. Now I'm not saying that Bob looks like a Pug (I've never met him) I just thought this was a cute "Get Well" photo. And if you don't like Pugs, tough. Keep an eye open for Bob's return to CarsCarsCars! and 4DriversOnly when he recovers.

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Stacey Wilson said...

aaaww. Bob is sick? he is funny. and obsessed with claire. hope he's well soon.

cute dog!