Tuesday, February 21, 2006

One more option in the fight against Splogs

How do you stop bad behavior? Well, you use negative reinforcement, that's how. And in the continuing fight against Splog sites like OstAuto and TheAutomobilist, how can you fight nameless and faceless cowards that reap in benefits of other people's work? Well I guess the only way would be to remove the incentive for their offensive actions.

Now I and other bloggers have Google AdSense boxes on our sites, they are ads pure and simple, as is the Google Search bar at the top of my page. Google has a smart idea here, but most bloggers like myself will make pennies from these ads. But humps like these Sploggers can make a neat proffit every month by loading their pages with ads from Google and then setting up auto reposts of RSS feeds from other blogs like mine. Where I will be lucky to earn $5-10 a month, they can earn several hundred dollars a month, and in the case of Automobilist, who has several of these pages set up, even more.

But what the humps forget is, that Google has guidelines for the use and placement of their ads. Those guidelines, which I had to agree to, forbid competative ads on your page, and require original content. Even with the wiggle room allowed by "Fair Use" principals, these guys are in the wrong.

Maybe Google will remove their ads and their motivation to steal.

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