Friday, February 10, 2006

The AutoProphet, does some sleuthing on Lincolns Mark naming scheme

Many, including myself have been commenting on Lincolns move to aplha-numeric names for their new models. But the AutoProphet has gone one step further, doing internet searches on the issue and finding domain names, indicating future MK models. Good detective work, go and see what he found (link in title)
The first MK model from Lincoln was the 56 Continentall MK2 or MKII, a beautiful and sophisticated car, from a time when few thought Ford was capable of either. The MK series carried on until the 1990's up until the MKIIX or Mark 8. These were the cars to have, the top of the Lincoln line for the most part, each paying tribute to the original Continental commisisoned by Edsel Ford in the 40's, his version of European luxury car, that outdid most of the Europeans at the time.
So with that kind of legacy, what does Lincoln do? They squander it, by choosing to dilute the MK series, and copy Acura and countless others. The new Aviator became the MKX or Mark X, a blatant ripoff of the MDX, and I presume the X stands for 4x4. The new sedan becomes the MKS (Mark S) and the Zephyr becomes the MKZ (Mark Z.) Where will the stupidity end? The Zephyr, taking a name from the 1939 Lincoln of the same name, and actually avoiding refference to the 70's Mercury version of the Fairmont.

These are nice designs, but stupid names, and not enough to save Lincoln from further decline.
Will the Navigator become the MKN? Isn't the Mark LT enough? Way to go boys, drive Lincoln right into the ground why don't you?

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