Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The new Focus Cabriolet

This is a 1958 Ford Skyliner. I believe Ford was the first company to have a retractable hardtop convertible in 1957. Long before Lexus was even around. (An anonymous reader has corrected me, this is a 1959 Skyliner, not a 58)
And this is it's modern successor, the Focus Cabrio. Or for us in the US, the Volvo C70.
Top up or down, I think it's a very good looking car.
I'm not usually a fan of Brown cars, but I'd take this one, with a 2.0 TDCi and 6 spd manual.
Here's a 1989 European Escort Cabrio, another one we never got.
And the current Ford Street Ka drop top.
I think this is just a photoshop image, but it shows whata Mondeo Cabrio would look like.

Same again, but I found this on a Google image search listed as a Ford Capri Cabrio. No other information.

Why couldn't we get these European Ford drop tops??

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