Tuesday, February 21, 2006

UAW Dos and Don'ts list of cars to buy

A friend of mine who reads and comments on the site, pointed to a website where the UAW lists recomended vehicles to buy if you want to support American Union workers. And there were a couple of surprises.
I shouldn't have been surprised that the new Fusion, built in Mexico, doesn't appear on the list.
But imagine my surprise, that the Mazda6 is built in a US plant by UAW workers.

The one that really kicked my ass, and I'm going to have to appologize to several people I know, was the Toyota Tacoma!!!!!!!!!!

So I guess that if I buy a new 4 door sedan, it's going to be a Mazda 6. It satisfies on some level most of my buying requirements. It's built in the US, by Union Employees and by a FoMoCo partner/brand. Not only that it's a good quality car, that has nice styling, great quality and doesn't break the bank. So maybe I'll have to hang a blue oval on it myself? I can just hear my brother singing that anoying Zoom Zoom song the next time we're talking on the phone.


Mike said...

This just shows why that whole "only Ford cars in the parking lot" thing is so ridiculous. And the whole concept of "buy American" has gotten pretty fuzzy. At least I think the union is on the right track by making of list of what is built where.

Shawn said...

Buy American is not the same as buy Union. Union is one of the problems that is killing the American industries.

I much rather buy American that is built elsewhere than buy foreign that is built here. Why? Because the vast majority of the money goes back to the country of origin. It doesn't matter if they are giving us jobs. When American companies are all out of business, foreign countries will own us.

Don't get me wrong, there was a time when unions were the workers heros. However, now when you see a road construction that is taking 3 months to dig a hole that you could have done in a day, what do most people say? They point to the 6 people standing around chatting and say, "Union."

It isn't fair to say all union workers are unproductive, but is there a problem? I think the most loyal union person would agree that things have gotten out of control.

Big Ford Fan said...

Mike and Shawn, I'm stepping back from comments on this, as I know that I'm going to take a beating. You both have valid points.

But I still think that buying American and Union is the best option for ME when possible. And I still urge Union employees to do the same.

Shawn said...

LOL I'm not going to beat up on ya for this.

There is one thing that you will always have credit with me: Loyalty. No matter how much I disagree with some of your thoughts, I never trash anyone for being loyal. I think that's something lost in a lot of today's citizens.