Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Learn something new everyday

Pictured here is a 1936 GAZ M1, a Soviet Russian car. Does it look familiar to you? Squint, look hard, it's a 1935 Ford. I had read in Douglas Brinkley's Wheels for the World, that Henry Ford had sold and later produced cars, trucks and tractors in Soviet Russia from the earliest days of the Model T and Fordson tractor, which was not really news to me. But I had somehow never known, until reading his book, that when Stalin nationalized the auto industry, that the Ford models became the GAZ.

GAZ still builds cars today, none that you would want, but they do. And again Ford is doing business in Russia, building and selling the new Euro C1 Focus. And don't even get me started on the Focus, hell they build and sell the NEW Focus in China!!! Not in the US???
But I'll stop before I go off on a rant

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