Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Autoblog article on Ford's "Ethanol corridor"

Getting back to what it's about, THE CARS, I was reading AutoBlog (link in title) about how Ford Motor Company is going to create an Ethanol Corridor with a partner Sun Energy. Well there is criticism about this stating that 40 pumps in 2 states hardly constitutes a corridor, and they're right. But Ford isn't in the Fuel business, they build cars, so any movement is forward movement. If criticism is warranted, it should be towards our government (states and federal) and the Petroleum industry. While Exxon/Mobil makes record proffits, and no progress towards making E85 available, why criticize Ford?

Ford has been making "Flex Fuel" Vehicles for years, I remember in 1999 when I bought my Ranger, Ford offered flex fuel Ranger and Taurus models, with no big anouncement. Then as now, the problem has not been with the vehicles sold, but the availability of the fuel.

After 9/11 our government should have pushed harder for the domestic production of Bio Fuels, like E-85 and Bio Diesel. Bio Diesel is a better fuel than petro Diesel, and E-85 greatly reduces the amount of foreign oil we need to import. So if we like Brazil legislated the bio fuel usage in this country, we would benefit by lower dependance on foreign oil, more investment on our own shores and a cleaner environment. So what's the down side? Why is so clear a solution put in place? It's because of BIG OIL COMPANIES, they love the increases in gas prices, while we suffer and our economy slows, they rake in huge profits.

I applaud Ford's move, even if it is just a drop in the bucket, it's a move in the right direction.

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