Monday, February 20, 2006

MyFordDreams is copyrighted material

You know, I learn new things everyday. For instance, the fact that I'm typing away at this keyboard, and publishing my blog to the web, means that as soon as I hit the "Publish" button my work is considered "Copyrighted" Under US law. Thanks to Ben of OzCarBlog and JW Fisher, I've been able to learn a little more. Just as a precaution, I've amended the header of my blog, to indicate all material is copyrighted, and I've added to the sidebar the CreativeContributions registration.
Now what this means basically, that if someone like the Sploggers, reposts my materials in whole without acknowledging the source and asking for permission, they are violating copyright law.
But my CreativeContributions registration, does allow copying for "Non-Commercial" use. That means if someone like Jeff F, Ben K or any of the other bloggers who don't make a proffit from their blogs, wants to copy my material it's fine with me. But Sploggers like OstAuto or TheAutomobilist copy my material, they don't have permission. Now Automobilist has stopped harvesting my material, but OstAuto has not, hence my earlier "juvenile" and offensive post. That post was designed to offend the owners of Ost Auto, and hopefully get the message across that they shouldn't blatantly rip off my work.

I've heard and read about "Fair Use", but they don't seem to be even remotely within those guidelines, simply because they benefit monetarilly via the ads on their site. So the previous post will be removed soon, and I will not be posting on this matter again, unless provoked.

It's back to doing what I like best, talking about Ford and their vehicles.

"copyright in the United States automatically attaches upon the creation of an original work of authorship" Excerpt from Wikipedia article on copyright, linked in header.

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