Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Which one do you like? Mazda2 or Fiesta ?

This is the current Mazda 2 subcompact.
Here is the European Ford Fiesta.

Which would you want as a new Ford subcompact in the US? Go to Ford's site and compare specs and styling, then come back here and let me know which you would buy. I checked the stats myself and it seems that they are using the same engines, and other specs are so close, that it seems that they are the same car under the skin. My question then is this, which came first? Is the Fiesta only a reskinned Mazda2 or vice versa?


Ben K said...

We get both here in Oz. The Fiesta is apparently sportier and the Mazda2 is, given it's boxy shape, slightly bigger and more practical. The press loves them both. I find the Fiesta much better looking.

I'm not sure how much of a "re-skin" is possible these days with monocoque chassis. I don't think the Fiesta and 2 share any common panels or glass. I think it's a bit more low-level than a re-skin---platform sharing perhaps. Same suspension, same hard-points, but mostly different.

Big Ford Fan said...

Ben, good to have you back, I guess re-skinned isn't the proper term, but they do share platforms and engines.

I'd like to see the Fiesta here, it's a sharp looking little car, and from what I've read probably the sportier of the two as far as handling.

Mazdas are great cars, that's not the problem, it's the soul of a Ford that I want. Hopefully, this platform will underpin the Reflex if it ever gets built.

Mike said...

On aesthetics, I'd love to see the Fiesta here. The Mazda looks more along the lines of some of the other subcompacts we'll be seeing soon -- practical and affordable but without much sport or character.

Anonymous said...

what if it was the miata platform that would underpin the reflex...that would be kickbutt, and it could work, like if they stretched it a bit retain the lightweight qualities, and handling, and stick a supercharged miata engine, w/ a six speed, and a detuned version of the mazda mazdaspeed mazda6 engine w/ the six speed as the top engine...that would be fine, and it wouldn infringe on mustang territory, there could be an svt version w/ a non detuned version of the same engine

i<3 4d