Friday, February 10, 2006

AutoBlog has the Japanese perspective on Domestic Auto industry woes

Over at AutoBlog, they have a piece and a link discussing the Japanese perspective on the Domestic auto industries' woes. They say that a Federal bailout would undermine domestic automakers' chance to recover. They heed caution, about an American Backlash, but feel that by sharing technologies such as Hybrid components, they can assist the domestics.

I'm personally not too hot on a "Bailout" of Ford and GM, but neither has actually asked for one, despite many pundits suggesting otherwise. Ford and GM have had talks in washington, about healthcare and alternative fuel infrastructure, which makes sense. After all, it does no good to build all these E-85 vehicles if nobody can find the fuel.

AutoBlog does mention the high tarrifs that Japanese charge on imported vehicles, making it almost impossible for foreign companies to sell their product in Japan. But I don't think anyone is calling for huge imports on Japanese vehicles, not that I'm seeing. But this does help to illustrate the inequity in foreign trade, where we in the US have few barriers to imports, the same is not true elsewhere.

The US manufacturers need to start real momentum on Diesels and Hybrids and more efficient and interesting products. The US government does need to increase incentives for alternative fuel infrastructure. I'm not so sure about the health care issue, I'm not in a position to discuss that.

Both GM and Ford already have Japanese partners and suppliers, so I'm doubtful when they speak about sharing technologies, I know that in Ford's case, that's already happening. I still believe that for Diesels, Ford needs to look no farther than their own backyard (Europe) where they sell efficient quality Diesel powerplants.


Shawn said...

I want FAIR trade. Listen, I'm not a hardcore protectionist. I think we should give some developmental countries a break...but Japan is a wealthy country. Let's equalize the currency and balance the trade.

If they want to take our domestic cars out of business...let's have them open up their agricultural market to us.

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, amen! I'm right there with you. Japanese trade policy, among others is lopsided.