Friday, February 17, 2006

Splogger takes issue with me.

Now today I checked my email for the blog, and surprise surprise, I finally got a repsonse from the guy at the Automobilist Splog. The guy who was stealing my material and reposting it on his site. Well one of them anyway, the other one is on a Russian server and not easy to track. But Andy had the following to say about not this blog, but what I had to say over at Autobloggers;

Please remove this entry --
from your collective blog.
Otherwise, you will be contacted by my lawyer and sued for libel.

Now this guy wins the prize for Big Brass ones. Check the post he's talking about, there's nothing libelous or slanderous about it. He just assumes that he mentions lawyer and I follow his request out of fear. Not me, not today, not tomorrow, NEVER.

I've discussed this situation in the past here;
  • First post on this

  • Second post

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  • So Andy, do what you feel you must.

    Just curious what any of my readers think of this. Do I need to start a legal defense fund like the Clintons did?


    Racedriven said...

    Wow, in someways that just doesn't surprise me at all, he does not even have a foot to stand on with his site and up til now, I have not emailed him to request my stuff off of his site beacause I didn't have his real email address. I will soon, you do what you need to do, but watch out...

    Its things like this and splogs in general that makes me consider quiting blogging or just going another direction...wait I maybe(not quiting).

    Shawn said...

    Stand your gound. If he wants to attack, your readers will support you.

    Big Ford Fan said...

    I don't think I have to "watch out" I've done nothing libelous or illegal, it's Andy that needs to watch out. He's stealing from professional sites, that may take issue with his pilfering and get their lawyers involved.

    I spoke to a couple of people over at TUCOWS and they told me informally he makes a couple of hundred a month from this. Now that's not enough to hire a lawyer and take action against me. And I'm not a fool either.

    But he has stopped harvesting material from my blog and removed the link, so by all means contact him and maybe he'll stop harvesting your stuff.

    I was getting disheartened, and considered throwing in the towel, but I love what I do too much, even if I'm not good at it. This blog has become something special to me, a way that I've been able to sit on the sidelines of the game so to speak, and see how the "pros" do it. I've made contacts with other bloggers and journalists and even people in the auto industry, that's not something I take lightly.

    Don't stop blogging, you do a great page, and if you do, people like them win. I also noticed that OstAuto stopped harvesting all of my posts. I see material, but not all, and unlike most where they practice "Fair Use", on my material, they repost the entire thing.

    Thanks for the feedback, hope to see more of your blogging.

    JD said...

    My experience is that people who throw out the "talk to my lawyer" bomb, usually don't have one. In fact, they are usually fairly ignorant about the law

    Have a good laugh and fuhgedabout 'em.

    Big Ford Fan said...

    Shawn, thanks for the words of support. I don't think he's actually got a leg to stand on, and if he could afford a lawyer to go after me, he'll need one to defend himself against other bloggers, especially the pros.

    JD I'm sure you're right, nothing will come of it. I'm not too concerned and don't plan on expending too much energy on this matter. Of course if he does sick a lawyer on me, I can just get one too. Glad to see you blogging again, was hoping you'd get back.

    jwfisher said...

    You only need a legal defense fund if you kill off your long time friend, cheat on tax returns, and get a ** in the office.

    Seriously, you're clear, the kid who did that is a jack***. And your new copyright covers you for anything.

    Anonymous said...

    My Ford Dreams RULES.

    Thank You Joe for the Great Blog,
    Thank you for sharing Your thoughts and Insights. Keep up the Great Work. Where do I send my check for the "My Ford Dreams Defense/Mustang Fund" ?