Thursday, February 09, 2006

I know, you're going to get sick of my Diesel rants, but...

You're probably thinking, "Enough with the Diesels Joe!" But this Ford Fiesta from Europe can get as much as 70 mpg on the highway. And feels torquy and almost dare I say sporty.
My fascination with Diesels is not really a new thing for me. Back in the mid 80's I nearly bought a used VW Rabbit Diesel like the one pictured here, same color green with tan leather interior and a crank sunroof. I had test driven several used Diesels, including a Rabbit pickup and of all of them thought the VW to be the best at the time. This was around 85 or 86, and the number of used Diesel cars in my price range was limited, so no Mercedes were driven. Yes they were noisy, and a little sluggish, especially if an automatic.

But read this Business Week article that I found over at AutoBlog, and see why Diesels may be coming to our shores soon and why they make more sense than Hybrids.

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