Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Some new interesting sites

Here are a couple of prospective links, sites I found recently; An automotive enthusiasts forum. I actually discovered that they posted a thread about my blog. A new (to me) car blog. This one looks promising, but I want to make sure it's not just another SPLOG, that there is original content. A new feature at Blogs, I guess MPH is starting a trend? I was actually amazed to see my blog listed there.

If you know of a site, that you think is interesting let me know. Better yet, if you were thinking of starting your own blog, do it and let me know so I can link to it here.

Here's a late addition to the list, Paul is from Malaysia and writes on the auto industry there. Well you may be wondering why this is interesting. Just a different perspective I guess, he writes well. I'll add to side bar with CarScoop, which is not a Splog, and Edmunds Straightline.


the garage guy said...

carscoop LOOKS like a legit site, but off that there is no profile or about info. i thought some of my posts were long!

Big Ford Fan said...

Hey Gary, yeah CarScoop goes into great detail, and I don't know anything about the owner, but it all looks like original content and interesting, so I added the link. Of course it could just be press releases posted. But there seems no harm.