Monday, February 06, 2006

Admit it, we've all been tempted to do this, but...

We all loose our temper sometimes, feeling we've been wronged by the world, or sometimes more specifically one person or place of business. But this guy went a little too far. In an article over at AutBlog, you can read about the angry Ford Escape buyer, who felt he got overcharged and how he took it out on the dealership. Too funny, I mean we've all dreamt of doing it, but this guy's going to calm down real quick in that jail cell.

UPDATE: This poor soul, quit his job after getting out on bail, then boarded a plane to Los Angeles, and while enrout killed himself in the lavatory by hanging himself. Obviously a troubled mind.


Shawn said...

Can you imagine what this guy would do if a girl dumps him or something else that stirs him more?

Let's hope he doesn't burn the prison down after paying too much for cigarettes.

Big Ford Fan said...

If I were him, I'd be more worried about what his fellow inmates might do to him for sport.

Then again, with this kind of behavior, maybe he's been to jail before.