Monday, February 13, 2006

Ford IQ test part II

Ford Siera XR8 South Africa
Some are tougher than they look, some are very easy. Can you guess what they are and which Ford global market they sold in?

Ford XR8 SA again

Ford Capri Perana from South Africa

Ford Falcon XR6 Australia

Ford Falcon GT Pursuit Australia

Ford Falcon Esate Australia

Ford F6 Typhoon Falcon Australia

Ford Falcon Ute Australia

Ford Territory Australia

Come on these last few were so easy.


Ben K said...

That wagon is an XR6 wagon. The front clip has the quad headlights instead of the normal single units, the bonnet is vented and it's wearing XR6 alloy wheels.

Big Ford Fan said...

Ben, good eye, I had known that, but didn't specify, because many of my US readers wouldn't know it.

Amazing though when you think of it, a performance oriented station wagon, not something we see much in the US. Especially from Ford!