Tuesday, February 07, 2006

RaceDriven finds yet another thief, this has the hutzpah to steal the entire post including photos.

Rick over at RaceDriven.com has found yet another THIEF stealing posts and reposting. This one's not even as clever as the idiot Andy over at the Automobilist, he reposts everything, including photos. Now hopefully some of the larger bloggers like MPH's Dave or Jalopnik's Dave and Mike, or even AutoBlog's crew will take notice. How about Mark Tappscott or EL Severson of AutoMuse, all of their work is being stolen as well.

I can't see how much they can be making off these sites, but it can't be enough. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm David E Davis or Brock Yates, some talented writer, but this is my work, such that it is, and I don't like seeing it being reproduced on other sites. Especially this new one.

WAKE UP BLOGGERS!! They're stealing your work!

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the garage guy said...

it appears that ostauto is now offline!