Saturday, November 26, 2005

New Ranger?? See what I miss when I take a couple of days off

Now I was only away from my computer for a day or so and see what happens, Ford introduces a new Ranger, in Thailand. I first saw this on Jeff Fisher's blog section, and then on AutoBlog, so the Hat Tip goes to Jeff, but the link goes to AutoBlog because their site is easier to link to.

Now you may be asking why introduce a new Ranger in Thailand? Apparently it's a very competative and large truck market. The Thai buyers are a tough crowd, so it's assumed you make them happy, most of the world will be happy.

Now one thing that struck me was the Conept's name 4 Trac, very close to Sport Trac, second was the resemblance to the Honda Ridgeline. But from what I've read this is all truck and tough.
Notice one imprtant thing, it's a crew cab, Ford knows that to be competative a crew cab is essential in the world market, wonder why it's not important here?

There are styling cues taken from the Equator Escape Concept, like the lights and grill. This concept also carries a "rescue" theme, with a huge number of LED lights and winches fore and aft. I'm sure the production units will be a little tamer. No word on the possability of this coming to the US, but I would hope that any update would be "global".

When I get a chance, I want to read as much about this as possible, see what powertrain options, and if the remake is only skin deep. The Ranger chassis isn't really outdated, and powertrains have been adequate for the world market, but a fresh new look, could bring US sales back up.


Shawn said...

Interesting...The new Ranger and sister Mazda Fighter will share a new turbo-diesel engine.

"Engineered by Mazda, the inline-four engines get MZR-CD common-rail fuel injection technology to boost torque by 10% and fuel economy by 30% over the existing motors."

Will it make it here?

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn it's unlikely that the new Diesel will make it here, although it should. Ford should be the first to offer Diesel power in this class of truck. Rumors are that Nissan is going to bring Diesel power to the US in their trucks.