Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Motor Trend's editor pro-diesel

In his collum The Big Picture, Diesel does it Angus Makenzie has a good argument for Diesel powered cars. Really nothing earth shattering here, it's the same argument that has made half of all cars sold in Europe Diesel powered. The fuel economy and power offered by Diesel engines. He talks of his experiences driving various high powere luxury sedans with Diesel power in his native Britain and on the European continent.

The Ford Mondeo pictured here is available with a 2.0 TDI engine in Europe, and while the Mondeo is unlikely to come here, that Diesel or the 2.7 V6 will come here in PAG partner vehicles over the next few years, after we get the low sulphur fuel situation worked out.

I would love to drive this Mondeo, I've read other's reviews and driving impressions, and with the 6 speed manual it seems like it would be a great drive. Read the article and rethink the Diesel, we can only benefit from their re-introduction in this market.

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