Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Should this be a new Mercury? I think so

The new Ford Mondeo from Europe, formerly sold here as the Contour/Mystique is a much improved car with sharp styling and very flexible powertrain options. This Estate (Station Wagon) version and the Sedan would be a perfect fit for Mercury and them alone. I was reading a comment not long ago from a reader that had driven a Mondeo Diesel and was impressed with the power. The one complaint was the 6 speed manual. Now just think how great that would be. Give me this Modneo Esate with the TDI engine and 6 speed manual, those nice alloy wheels and foglights would be nice too. Option it out with moonroof and leather seats, maybe a satalite navigation system. I'd be willing to break the piggy bank for that. Hell throw in the available all wheel drive and you'd be competing with Audi and BMW. A sophisticated, economical, smartly styled sedan and wagon from Europe? People would pay good money for that. Oh that's right, they already do, but maybe they'd pay good money to FoMoCo's Mercury brand.


Mike said...

Yeah, I thought Ford made a big mistake when they stopped selling the Mondeo [Contour/Mistique] here in the States.

I wonder if there's going to be a Fusion wagon variant? Or even a TDI Fusion?

Big Ford Fan said...

I don't think either is likely, even though the Mazda 6 is available with a really nice wagon version. Besides, I'm not sure that Mazda has a Diesel in the 6. I'll have to check overseas websites to see.

NLPRacing said...

Ford will have a Fusion "wagon", it'll be called the Edge. Mercury will be getting a fancier version of the Freestyle with the Duratec35 when Ford replaces it with a new "people mover". I think you'll be impressed with Mercury's line-up in the next few years. I still think that they should sell the Euro Focus here as a Mercury and build a new Cougar type car based on the Mustang.

Big Ford Fan said...

NLP will not be the wagon it should be, it will be a crossover suv like the Aviator and the Mazda CX7 that it's based on. Mazda's 6 wagon is a tight package.

I don't know what keeps wagons out of the US market, in Europe Wagons are popular. I guess it's all the aging baby boomers, with hang ups. Bad memories of family trips in the Country Squire. Or the "un-manly" aspect of driving a station wagon.

I for one, and apparently I'm in the minority, would love to see the return of the Country Squire.