Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Reflections on a wasted Sunday

Thanks to my brother Bob, I too am now addicted to my Tivo. I spent Sunday catching up on my recorded shows, especially Fifth Gear and Top Gear from BBC. I know, how sad, an entire day spent on the couch watching Car shows on Tivo. I could have been volunteering at an animal shelter or giving blood, but somehow I can make peace with myself. Oh who am I kidding, if I wasn't watching Tivo, I would have been surfing the net.
But more to the point, I was watching episodes of both shows, where they reviewed the Ford Ka.
Now if you haven't heard of the Ka, that's because it's never been sold in the US. Introduced in 1996 in Europe, this small car is powered by several small Diesel and Petrol engines. There's even a roadster version and a "performance" version. Priced from about $10,000 up, it's a very poplular car in Europe, based on Fiesta mechanicals. There are enthisiast clubs and websites and a healthy aftermarket for the Ka. www.kaklub.co.uk

Now, I'm not sure it would do well in the Midwest, this tiny Ford could be a minor hit in places like LA, NY and Boston, with it's tight handling and great economy.

Some of the other topics discussed were LPG conversion for Petrol and Diesel vehicles and the Smart Crossblade.

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