Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bill D's ongoing project examining Auto Blogging

Bill is a Grad Student who's studying the Automotive Blogging community. He's asking for bloggers to take a short survey on his site. But I encourage anyone to take a look, and then start blogging. Below are my answers to his survey;

1.) What is more important to you as a car-blogger LINKS or POSTS ? and why?What I mean is, what do you feel is your most effective tool to achieve the effectyou want as a blogger? Do you concentrate on posting long or detailed entry's to your site or do you feel it more important to link to other sites? Or do you feel it is more important that others are linking to your site, thus bringing more traffic in to read your postings.(in a political race where blogs were involved the winning side had far more links,back and forth in their sphere of bloggers. The loosing side had more postings. Some think this holds significance. Do you? )

For me the content of the Post is what’s most important. It’s all about my ability to have my say. But Links are almost as important. I link to sites that I think others will find interesting and especially to sites that have linked to mine. I’ve been told that linking to others will increase my traffic, and to be honest, I like the idea of increased traffic.

2.) Are you aware of any studies or other evidence that either links or posts have more powerful effects in getting the bloggers message out?

No, I’ve never read any studies on blogging.

3.) Why do you blog? ( that can be a tough one, if you really like something I understand that it's a question that has no easy answer)

As I say on the intro to my blog, one reason I started blogging was because I was frustrated that emails I had sent went unanswered and I wanted to have my say. Now I blog because it’s fun, it keeps me busy doing something I love. I’m not a writer like some and I don’t work in the industry like others, I’m just an “Average Joe” who enjoys the experience. I have no aspirations of getting paid or networking, it’s just for “shits and giggles.” That’s not to say I don’t take it seriously, I’m proud of what I do and hope that others enjoy it.

4.) What do you think (beyond your own personal satisfaction) is important about Car Blogs as a whole?

I honestly don’t know that any of this is really “important” but it is a good resource when researching something. I’ve had posts on rare cars and received help from other bloggers. I’ve been able to assist others.

5.) In reference to question 4, can you point out a study or some other evidence that agrees with this? [told'ya I'd ask you to back-it-up. ; ) ]

Again, I’m not an academic, just a blogger, but check my comments and posts and you’ll see that people search blogs for information on new and classic cars. I did a post on a Wankel powered Mustang and on the South African Siera XR8. Those both are examples.

6.) Roughly, how many friends/associates have you met OFF-LINE that you can talk about cars/automotive related subject at the depth that you want to?

I’m fortunate in that respect, I have several friends that are car nuts and two brothers (one my twin) that are both cerifiable nuts. To put a number to it, maybe 8.

7.) referring to Q 6., Roughly how many have you met ON-LINE ?

The blog has shown me that there is a real “community” of bloggers out there, over the last few months I’ve met about a dozen bloggers that I have corresponded with and traded info and many non bloggers. Amazingly people from all over the globe, including Australia. Very cool when you think about it.

8.) Have you ever met another car enthusiast on-line then met them face-to-face?

No, but I’ve only been at this for a few months.

9.) Do you have opportunities to meet other car enthusiasts (that you don't already know) face-to-face in events such as car-rallies, car-specific conventions,auctions, swap-meets, parts flee-markets, etc. ?

Yes, I’m fortunate enough to attend some shows and races each year. My good friend, also named Joe, and I try and make one weekend event a year. When I went to Nashville in 2004 for the Mustang 40th Aniversary and this year when I went to Fords at Carlisle, I met many interesting people.

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