Monday, November 07, 2005

Ben K's blog from Down Under

Ben K has been a valuable source of information from Australia and he started a blog of his own (Link above soon to be on left side) where he discusses the auto industry and his new project Harvey a Mazda sedan with a Toyota engine and tranny. I can only hope Ben pulls that powertrain out and installs a Rotary in it's place. Good luck Ben, I found the link on Bill D's blog, Bill is the researcher I've talked about before.


Dotty Gale said...

Rotary Schmotary!! That's so last millenium! The next big thing is going to be the Quasiturbine!!

Ben K said...

I'd love to stick a rotary in it but for the moment, there are several reasons not to, the first being that I'm way too poor to even buy a used, running, engine.

The second is that I've read about people sticking rotaries in these old Mazdas before and it's way beyond my current level of ability. We're talking custom cross-members, widening the transmission tunnel and then probably upgrading the diff.

So, it stays with the Toyota engine for now. Of course, another option could be a 1.6L MX-5 engine.