Friday, November 04, 2005

SEMA Concpet 40 Ford GT, AutoBlog says "Wow!" I say Why?

Ok, I know I'm going to sound like a spoiled sport here, but as cool as this copper bodied 40 Ford replica is, with it's Ford GT engine and running gear, I have to ask Why build it? The body panels built from copper in Poland and the custom chassis utilizing Ford GT and custom pieces, cost a bundle of cash, and for what? Is this to highlight something Ford will make? No, not a chance, and there is no practicle use for the vehicle. With it's mid-engine/drivetrain, there is no trunk of any kind, and I'm sure the under hood area is filled with radiator and support equipment, the cockpit as neat as it may be is built for 2. While we would all dream of shoehorning a 5.4L GT engine in our street rod or custom project, how many could afford it? With all of the money spent on this, what's the payback for Ford? Presitge of having the coolest vehicle at SEMA? Is that going to bring buyers into the showrooms?

While I think it's very intersting, I also think it's a tremendous waste of time, money and resources. And copper??


The Auto Prophet said...

Copper looks cool, but it is a very soft metal. It will pick up scratches and dents literally by the hour. What would have been more impressive is a practical vehicle based on the Ford GT, with a metallic copper tone paint job.

NLPRacing said...

I hear ya, this makes no sense. I would like to see more aftermarket influence on the Fusion, FiveHundred (most underated car ever), Freestyle (ditto), & Focus. I just want to know why you can't the Fusion/Milan/Zephyr with a V6 AND a MANUAL.

Big Ford Fan said...

The AutoProphet makes a very good point about Copper, I work with copper pipe and know how soft it is. The copper body is a waste of time and money.

NLP also raises the point of the 500/Freestyle, completely ignored by the aftermarket.

As for the manual trans in the Fuison/Milan/Zephyr, hell it's getting tough to get a manual in anything these days. The automakers have come to the conclusion nobody wants them. In Europe they wouldn't consider not offering a manual trans. Further in Europe a Diesel would be offered as well.