Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Neil Winton of Detroit News drives Diesel coupe in Europe and wonders why all the focus on Hybrids

This is an interesting read, and since I've touched on the subject before, decided to link to it here. Mr Winton recnetly drove a new Peugeot 407 coupe, powered by the new 2.7 V6 Diesel that was developed with Ford and will be in some new Jaguar and Range Rovers.

He was impressed with the smooth quiet powerful V6 that averaged 26 mpg, noting that it had none of the stereotypical rattle and smoke that Americans think of when Diesels are mentioned.
Interestingly enough he also discussed the European view on Hybrids as unnecessary in light of Diesels that achieve nearly identical economy and better power.

With strict emissions regulations Diesels have nearly disapeared from the US market, but with new low sulphur Diesel and better technology such as Common Rail and Turbocharging, new Diesels will be able to meet the new standards in a few years and may have a resurgance here in the states. I'd like to see a Lincoln LS with the 2.7 V6 Diesel or some similar rear while drive sedan. Ford says they have no plans on bringing this Engine here under the Blue Oval, but expect it in future Jaguars and Land Rovers.


ukexpat said...

I have to agree. On a recent trip to the UK, the only car Hertz had left was a turbodiesel Mondeo. It was actually quite good -- acceleration was more than acceptable and on motorway journeys I was averaging 46mpg (British gallons). One slight drawback, the 6-speed gearbox meant a lot of left arm and foot action around town.

NLPRacing said...

Mazda sells a 121 in Europe and a "2" in Japan that gets 70 miles per diesel gallon. Why don't we get it, I would have one? I have an F150, Mustang, F53 (Motorhome) & Expedition. You know what I drive every day, a 42 mpg 1990 Ford (Korean Kia Built) Festiva. It's the first non-USA built car I ever owned. I wuld have purchased a new Ford, but the Focus only gets 36 at best.

Big Ford Fan said...

UKExpat, thanks for the feedback, I'd love to drive that Mondeo, but can understand your concern about a 6 speed around town, but I drive a 5 speed truck all day, so I'm sure I'd love it.

NLP, I'm familiar with the 121, it was the basis for the Kia Pride/Ford Festiva, which I had in 1987, my first brand new car. I loved it, bought it after reading Csaba Csere's review in Car and Driver and taking it for test drive.

You know what I want to know? What kind of milage does a Ford F250 with the Powerstroke get? Does anyone know? I've looked at Ford's site and the EPA site, but they aren't required to report it.