Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ford Racing Innovation Drive, test drive event, too late for this year, but maybe next

Now this is me at a recent Mazda Zoom Zoom event in the New York Metro area. I've been fortunate enough over the last few years to be able to attend several Mazda Rev It Up events and GM Auto Show In Motion Events as well. I had always wished that Ford had a similar event and only found out this year that they do. The AutoProphet had posted about an event near his home and his impressions after driving a Fusion at the event. I assumed that Ford didn't have an event near me, but I was wrong. Too late to attend, but with next year in mind, I have found that Ford held an event at Shea Stadium this past August.

So next year I'll be looking to attend this event if possible. The Mazda and GM events are well run, with the biggest complaint for both being long wait times to get into a vehicle. GM is the only one that I'm aware of that has competitors' vehicles there for direct comparison.

Click the link in the banner and see if they have an event near you.

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