Friday, November 11, 2005

MPH Online, Video Q&A feature

Now heres something neat, Dave over at MPH Online, has a new feature on their blog section. A Video Q&A feature. Here's how it works, Dave let's you know on his blog the next car he's going to be checking out and if you have any questions, you email him and then he takes a video camera with him and as he walks around and gets in the car, he tries to answer the questions the best he can. I just checked out the first series of videos, for a brand X car, but Dave's currently shooting video of the new Mercury Milan. The video should be posted some time next week. Go over to MPH Online and check it out.

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Dotty Gale said...

Speaking of videos, this is what happens when you race a pontiac:

No actual Pontiacs were harmed during the filming of this event ( and the driver suffered some minor burns and bruises )