Tuesday, November 22, 2005

BlueOvalNews Forums discusses 500 as police cruiser

Over at BlueOvalNews Forums, they are debating the use of Ford 500's as Police cruisers.
This is based on the posting on another site of a picture (photo shop image?) with a 500 Police special. The comments are interesting, many in defense of the Crown Victoria.

One comment that amused me, was one guy saying that the 500 didn't have the appropriate look, that it doesn't look tough enough. He then compared it to European police cars like the Mondeo.

Read the comments, very interesting. I live in the suburbs of New York City and that has to be one of the toughest environments for Police Cruisers, just as I said of Taxis not long ago. I think the 500 would be a great vehicle for cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago. Where many departments have been using Chevy Impalas as well as Crown Victorias and SUVs like the Blazer, Explorer and Trailblazer. I don't think the 500 would be a great pursuit vehicle, but how many departments in this day and age actually get involved in high speed chases. Too many accidents and law suits.

Just think how much municipalities could save with fleets of Hybrid 500 police cruisers. Food for thought.

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