Tuesday, November 15, 2005

RPS Ranger Power Sports . com, new to me enthusiasts page, soon to be a daily check for me

Now it's no secret to anyone who has read my blog that I own a Ford Ranger, and love it. It's also no secret that I think Ford has really dropped the ball with the Ranger, letting the #1 Compact Pickup waste away with no re-design in recent years and no solid plans anounced for the future. I found a new site (to me anyway) with forums, dedicated to the Ranger past, present and future.
Now this is a photoshop image I found on BlueOvalNews not too long ago, but there is also one at RPS of their idea for a new Ranger, I suggest you go over and check it out.
In the same way as The Truth About Cars GM Deathwatch, They have started a Ranger "Deathwatch" as well. I plan to make this a daily check and suggest any other fans of the Ranger do also.

Update; follow the link to see their "Deathwatch" info, very well done;

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
Found this blog, while trying to find new details for the Ranger's new face lift in South Africa for 2006/7.
I was looking at a link www.wheels24.co.za, which had some spy photos of the new look, which from other pics I have seen look s a little like the Thailand version. We are in a bit of a backwater, when it comes to new models, but I was very interested in the "new" engines on offer. Can anyone tell me about this Dura Torq TDCi engine, & what derivatives it comes in?
Can't seem to find much info.