Sunday, November 27, 2005

AutoBlog's idea for new 500

I like this, first it's my favorite color, and it just looks great. AutoBlog post today with this great photoshop image of the new Iosis conept as the Mondeo's next life. AutoBlog ponders that it could be a new 500 as well.

I have to learn PhotoShop, I've got all these ideas in my head and no way to share them.


Shawn said...

I saw this last night...but now I looked at looks a lot like Avalon.

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, I guess the grill a little, but if you look at the Iosis concept, it bears no resemblance to the Avalon

Shawn said...

Why not just build the losis concept instead? I like it better than this blend.

Shawn said...

I checked the pics of the original losis concept at Top Gear's website...Maybe it is just the angle of this photoshop job, but the head lamps looks totally different. (Maybe the artist intentionally made it different?)

The original concept is just beautiful. Even now that I looked at it again after a few months.