Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Jeff Fisher's blog today, you may not agree, but he's got some good points

Now I respect Jeff Fisher, and agree with most of what he posts, but if you don't like what he's got to say, don't burn down my house. I check Jeff's blog as often as possible (It's high graphics content makes it load slow on DSL, but on Cable it's fine) and today I saw he posted on the new Roush 420E an export only version of the tuner Mustang. Read his blog, it's interesting and you know in your heart he's right.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I've expanded on my points some more, with a further blog.


Big Ford Fan said...

I guess the only statement that keeps running through my mind, is the one about 80hp per Liter.

I just don't know if the facts bear that out.

Also the Mustang is a uniquely American car. Is it our fault that the roads in much of Europe are small?