Tuesday, November 22, 2005

BlueOvalNews article, "Wish list for Lincoln" and my "Wish List"

Al Rozzi over at Blue Oval News wrote an article on Lincoln's need to reestablish a brand identity. He calls it a wish list, but it seems kind of light on wishes, so I figured I repeat my "wishes" for Lincoln. I wish FoMoCo would stop with the cookie cutter crap. Didn't they learn the lesson from GM's problems? Lincoln has a history of iconic models like this 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II.
And when you say limousene, what do you think of? Yes Lincoln, and the image that comes to your mind is more than likely this 1961 model that was built for almost a decade.
Lincolns had some performers over the years, the big V-12 Lincolns from the 30's and the LSC mark VII and VIII from the 80's and 90's. This blue 93 Mark VIII has the DOHC 4.6 from the SVT Cobra with 315 hp.
The Lincoln LS was a good attempt, the chassis and styling are good, room for improvement, but promissing. This car needed more power and a better markteting strategy.
So my wish list? It's simple, give the new Zephyr and Aviator more power. Not just the 250 hp from the new 3.5 DOHC V6, I mean 300-325 hp.

Bring out a propper replacement for the Town Car, with rear wheel drive, like this Continental concept from not too long ago.
Here's an idea, have a 4 door drop top version of that new Continental.
Bring out the Mark X concept!! Based on the T-Bird/LS chassis, and stuff the supercharged Jaguar V8 under the hood.

Don't bring out a Lincoln version of the Mustang. The Mustangs, strut front suspension and solid rear axle are not going to be competative with models from Lexus, Infinity, Cadilac, Chrysler, hell they won't be competative with Nissan or Honda.

I think Al's article was well written, just lacking substance. While mine may not be well written, I do have some items on my wish list.

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