Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Production Aviator pics

All over the net I've seen this photo, which I borrowed from the above linked article at AutoBlog. The production version of the new Lincoln Aviator Crossover SUV. It's very close to the concept vehicle and the only fault I can see with this picture is it's white. Why would anyone want this ice box on wheels. I hate silver, but even that would have been a better choice. Maybe who ever decides what color is released in photos needs a slap. This will be the first home for the new 3.5 L DOHC V6 making 245-250 hp, depending on where you read. But at Jeff Fisher points out in his blog, this is middle of the pack power in a vehicle that should have 50 hp more to be really competative. Another case of Ford shooting for the middle.
I wonder why no pics of the front? But here is the concept and you can see how close the production model is, just loosing the glass hatch and slimming the C pillar slightly, both smart improvements.
I must have been one of the rare few who liked the original Aviator. I know it's just a pimped out Explorer, but I wanted one of these with the DOHC 4.6, very cool. But the new Aviator is a smarter move.
Now I'd love to see this front end treatment of the concept, but am sure we'll see something closer to the Zephyr below.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, and I agree with you on the old Aviator. It was a lot superior to the Explorer/Mountaineer of those years (but not 2006). It had punch, panache, and far better seats than any Explorer or Mountaineer ever had - particularly the odd & ill-fitting 2006 seats. And it had the option of HIDs.

And, unfortunately, 13/18 EPA for the 2WD model doesn't cut it these days.

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Anonymous said...

Very dissappointing on the DOHC V-6 engine HP. Only thing I can think of, beisdes it being an all-new engine, is the power and torque maximum of the CVT tranny (if it wil be used, we don't know yet). This may be the maximum it can take.

Speaking of the new engine, as I pointed out on my site with pics of the actual engine, there is a rear wheel drive version of it that has been shown to the public. Nobody seems to have noticed this... the big question then is what will this go into? Explorer? Mustang? Something else? And what will it make?
(see Ford section for links to the engine, with Ford pics and my comparison with current V-6)

Anonymous said...

I've seen the Aviator and Edge prototypes and the front end from the concept aviator comes over pretty musch intact.

Big Ford Fan said...

Jeff, always glad to see you and I think your post on the 3.5 is very interesting. I wonder why Ford always shoots for the middle of the pack with power?

NLPRacing said...

I don't know why, but it seems that Ford tends to underrate their power. For example, the 210HP V6Explorer is only marginally slower and can haul as much as the 280HP I6 Trailblazer. But the magazines brag about the Chevy's power and call the Explorer "underpowered". I driven both and they both feel about the same. If Ford would point out the specs (trailer tow capacity, performance, etc.), then maybe people wouldn't bench race the HP numbers so much.

Big Ford Fan said...

NLP, good point, Ford did have a policy in the 70's of intentionally under rating horsepower, but I'm not sure that's the case.

I think they just like the comfort of being in the middle of the pack. Why shoot for the starts when you can land on the moon?