Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New software/service "Relink" used to steal content from blogs wholesale

I recieved an email from the CarPundit, asking about a website/blog that had been just been outright copying his posts. He sent it to several bloggers to see if anyone knew about this. I won't post the link to the bogus blog or the software company that makes it possible, but the Company is WorldPress and their "Relink" program gives a user the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds and repost any or all of the subscribed blogs posts. Further it allows the theif to earn money by posting advertisements and promisses high traffic and good placement on Google and other search engines.

Now CarPundit and AutoBlog, the two victims I recognized copyright their material, so isn't this illegal? Makes you wonder why people do this type of sleazy crap. It can discourage people from working on original content.

Now I'm no angle, I borrow ideas for posts or direct to other people's blogs, but this is not the same. No credit or "hat tip" is given. This is theft of other people's work. And it's wrong.

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