Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wood chips and corn stalks? and more Ethanol from AutoBlog

Seems to be a lot of alternative fuel talk over at AutoBlog today. First is the article linked in the title, about Bio Mass fuels and then this article later in the afternoon about Ethanol . And you all should know by now, that I'm a big believer in Bio Diesel and Ethanol. These two fuels have so much potential on very different fronts. From health benefits and evironmental friendliness to economic boosts and national security improvements. But as many point out on different forums, the petrolium industry isn't jumping at the prospects of non petrolium fuels. MBTE, and adative used in gasoline is being phased out, because of health issues, and is expected to be replaced in gasoline, in levels less than or equal to 10%, so it can be used in any gasoline powered vehicle, not just E85 prepped ones.

I've said it before, legislation may be needed to give industry the incentive or push to create the infrastructure to create and distribute these bio fuels. I pointed out in a post last week, that the largest effort at bio fuel produciton seems to be a French owned Agri-Business in the midwest. We need more domestic investment and involvement for this fledgling industry, or we will be replacing dependance on foreign oil with dependance on foreign Ethanol.

I don't care if you use wood chips, corn, grass clippings or algae, hell use a combination of all of them if need be, but this is an exciting time in our history and I'd hate to see it pass. With all the groups that seem to be supportive of bio fuels including the American Lung Association of the Midwest, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, polaticians, celebrities like Willie Nelson and our President and don't let me forget the environmentalists, who we all used to laugh at, but now don't laugh as hard. There are just too many good points and not enough detractors for this not to go through. To be honest, I'd rather pay $3.50 a gallon for some domestically produced fuel than $2.65 for Gasoline.

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