Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ford Reflex, needed my fix

I just didn't think I had enough pictures or links on my new favorite, the Ford Reflex so I did a Google search and came up with the following; Serious Wheels and andAutobytel and even Wikipedia . I wonder can you overdose on Reflex? No, so that's why I want to point out the following also, and TuningNews

I think the Reflex is the best new concept I've seen this year and could be a real exciting product that could draw new buyers to Ford. Think about it, there are "Green" websites and "MuscleCar" websites talking about the concept. It's an easy car to bring to market also. Base it on the new B-Segment platform for the US ( Fiesta/Mazda2) and build it in the same plant as the Bronco/EcoSport down in Mexico. I'd like to see a gas and diesel version and if it could be built and priced reasonably I wouldn't mind the Hybrid version. I'm not too hot on the solar panels in the roof or the "butterfly" doors, but neither would keep me from buyint one.

You may notice fewer posts over coming days, as I've been very busy with other matters. It's another case of "Life getting in the way of blogging," I'm not a journalist, this is just a hobby.

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