Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Volvo, the only way to get some great European Ford models?

Volvo is owned by Ford Motor Company, and purists were worried that the brand would loose identity and become nothing more than another version of Mercury. I don't think they need to worry, because despite platform sharing and to a lesser degree powertrains, Volvo has been able to maintain it's distinct identity and expand it's lineup and market share. But for Ford fanatics, Volvo could be seen as an opportunity to buy some of the best European Fords, that we don't get here. Take the soon to be released Volvo C30. It shares it's platform with the Euro C1 Focus.
In fact, Ford's new hot hatch owes it's power to Volvo. I uses the I5 Turbo from Volvo to achieve it's 240 hp. So if you want a Focus ST, wait for the Volvo or Mazda version.
How about this beauty? The new Volvo C70 hard top convertible, built on the C1 platform as well. With a neat hard top that slides down to create this crisp convertible.
Like this Ford Focus Cabrio, which it's based on.
Do you like that new Volvo S60? Nice car, sharp styling, great supsension.
Shares the platform from the Euro Ford Mondeo, as does the Jaguar X Type.
So you see the pictures of the S-Max and Galaxy mini vans from Europe, and wonder like I do, why we can't get them here in the US?
The Styling of these two MPVs is crisp and muscular almost, quite a nice shape. And they're built on Stretched C1 platforms. So the Volvo powertrains will fit easily. Mercedes brought their mini van R Type here, why couldn't Ford bring either of these MPVs over as a Volvo.
And while they're at it, slap that Volvo grill on this, let it tag along for the ride??

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