Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mercury and Lincoln concepts, some winners and losers

The Mercury Messenger, from comments here I would say this one stirred many peoples souls, but not mine. I think it's ugly, possibly salvagable, but why? The Messenger is supposed to sit on Mustang's chassis, and be a new Cougar. But for the extra money they'll charge for the Mercury version, I would insist on several things you can't get from Mustang. First the IRS, second a moonroof. But I still don't like it. The Mustang is a success because it's a Mustang, and it's price is within reach of many buyers, different styling without further content and innovation, would make this just a re-badged Mustang, and Mercury doesn't need that.
The Lincoln Continental concept, came out at the same time as the 427 but didn't get the reaction or attention. But you can see that styling cues from this are visible in the new Zephyr (I hate that Mark Z name.) This should be the new flagship from Lincoln, built on a rear wheel drive platform, it has suicide rear doors like the iconic Lincolns of the 60's. I'd love to see a 4 door convertible version too.
I thnk this one was such a no brainer, it should have been built. Built on the T-Bird Lincoln LS chassis, this 4 seater convertible could have been a huge sucess. I had read that it's only problem was it's close association with Jaques Nasser.

The NaviCross, what a turd. I remember seeing this at the New York Auto Show, and it's much uglier in person. But even if I don't like it, it's much more innovative than what Lincoln is bringing out.

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